A large number of patients are doomed to complete tooth loss in both the upper and lower jaws. However, the most common scenario is that a patient loses one or more teeth due to poor hygiene and periodontal system disease.

If partial edentulism is not rehabilitated with implants or bridges, incorrect loading of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws leads to even greater mobility and loss of other teeth. Patients most often lose teeth in the posterior region. Therefore, the posterior alveolar bone ridge resorbs at a faster rate, leading to significant loss of bone in height and width, making it impossible to install implants without additional bone grafting.

In the upper jaw, resorption of the posterior alveolar bone part leads to the lowering of the sinuses and the impossibility of implant placement without lifting the maxillary sinus. To avoid potential bone transplantation and potentially lifting the maxillary sinus, the scientific team of Nobel Biocare and leader Dr. Paulo Malo invented the ALL-ON-4 and ALL-ON-6 concepts.

What is the ALL-ON-4 concept?

The ALL-ON-4 concept involves placing two straight implants in the “canine” region and two angled implants (17 or 30 degrees) in the upper jaw to avoid opening the sinuses. This allows for a lower risk during surgery, and implants are placed from the right second premolar to the left second premolar. In the lower jaw, implants are placed in the same positions, and angulation avoids the mandibular nerve.

The ALL-ON-6 concept involves installing six implants at the positions of the “incisors,” “canines,” and “first molars.” The angulation of the implants also avoids opening the maxillary sinus.

After the surgical part is completed, impressions are taken, and the bite is measured, and temporary acrylic bridges are made, either by manual or digital technology.

When placing teeth, photos are taken, and planning is done in the Digital Smile Design software to ensure aesthetics are enviable even when making temporary teeth. All functional movements are tested to ensure the patient can chew food without issues.

What is most important about this concept is that the patient gets implants installed in one day and goes home with temporary bridges the next day.

Final bridges on ALL-ON-4 or ALL-ON-6

After completing osteointegration, i.e., the binding of bone with implants, which lasts 4-6 months in the upper jaw and 3 months in the lower, the production of the final bridge begins.

What kinds of final bridges are there?

  • Acrylic bridge with a reinforced bar in the middle,
  • Metal structure with zirconium teeth and artificial composite gum,
  • Metal structure with pressed ceramic teeth,
  • Metal-free Peek structure, with zirconium teeth,
  • Completely zirconium structure with zirconium teeth.


Lifetime warranty on all implants and superstructures against breakage.
Five years warranty on all metal-ceramic and zircon-ceramic crowns.
Five years warranty on all wironit dentures.

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