Have you been dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth for years and are thinking about a new smile? Are you troubled by tooth discoloration, poor tooth alignment, or missing several teeth?

We have a solution for you!

With the development of digital technology, a new concept of smile beautification has emerged, developed by Dr. Coachman. It’s called Digital Smile Design (DSD).

Dr. Matko Božić is a certified aesthetic dentist who has gained his knowledge from the best in the world and is one of the few people in Croatia who holds a certificate directly from Dr. Coachman.

What is the advantage of creating a new smile according to the DSD concept compared to the traditional method of making veneers or aesthetic crowns?

Detaljni opis Digital Smile Design (DSD) tehnike koja se izvodi u klinici MB dent u Zagrebu, pod stručnim vodstvom dr. Matka Božića.

This concept allows for the entire treatment to be precisely predicted before the actual procedure, and for the patient to see what the final teeth will look like before the procedure begins. This is a significant advantage over traditional therapy, which is never predictable and where there is no good communication between the aesthetic dentist and the technician.

What is done to ensure the final result is perfect?

Each patient is photographed before the procedure to simulate the future situation in the mouth through a digital program. This image is presented to the patient to see if the planned therapy is on the right track. In this concept, communication between the aesthetic dentist, dental technician, and patient is crucial.

Detaljni opis Digital Smile Design (DSD) tehnike koja se izvodi u klinici MB dent u Zagrebu, pod stručnim vodstvom dr. Matka Božića.

Impressions are taken with a digital scanner or traditional impression, and a wax-up and mock-up, i.e., a simulation of the new smile, is created in the laboratory. It’s important to note that great attention is paid to the preparation of the work before anything is done in the mouth. Such temporary teeth are shown to the patient, and if they like the new smile, the therapy begins.

This therapy avoids excessive grinding of teeth; instead, bite simulation is precisely planned, complete functional diagnostics and tooth shape are checked.

All parameters of the patient’s face shape are considered, the color that best suits the patient is determined according to their skin color, eyes, and hair, and all necessary parameters are measured on the model. According to the shape of the lip, the curve of the new teeth is created, paying great attention to the execution of the shape and trying to achieve the most beautiful design of the new smile.

Detaljni opis Digital Smile Design (DSD) tehnike koja se izvodi u klinici MB dent u Zagrebu, pod stručnim vodstvom dr. Matka Božića.

The final work is a copy of the teeth designed at the beginning through the mock-up, and then there are no unknowns for the patient, aesthetic dentist, and technician.

All parameters are carefully determined at the beginning of the therapy, so the technician, with the help of the latest CAD CAM technologies, manufactures the work with microscopic precision.

MB Dent clinic collaborates only with top laboratories with years of experience and knowledge of new technologies and materials. Before the digital era, with classic methods of making teeth, it often happened that patients’ expectations and predictions did not occur at the end of therapy, and disappointment was significant because communication between the aesthetic dentist and dental technician was impossible without such digital tools.

This new approach to smile creation allows the patient to actively participate in the making of their new smile. The satisfaction that arises in the patient at the end of the therapy represents satisfaction for the entire team. This new era of dentistry is called “emotional dentistry.”Dr. Matko Božić often says: I spend my whole life educating myself and striving for perfect art, individuality, and creating something new. Since I discovered and learned the new concept of creating individual smiles, my job has turned into something most beautiful I could imagine. It’s a higher purpose of existence, fulfilling to make people happy!


Lifetime warranty on all implants and superstructures against breakage.
Five years warranty on all metal-ceramic and zircon-ceramic crowns.
Five years warranty on all wironit dentures.

For any additional information, follow the blogs of the MB Dent clinic. If you would like more information from Dr. Matko Božić and his team, write to us at info@mbdent.com, WhatsApp 095 3634 337, or call us on the phone number 01 35 35 435 or mobile 095 3634 337.

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