The main goal of conservative dentistry is to achieve a better and more beautiful smile thanks to healthy and functional teeth. Conservative dentistry focuses on the repair and treatment of teeth and root canals using aesthetic fillings (dental fillings) and removing tartar.

Dental Caries

The most common intervention in conservative dentistry is the treatment of dental caries. Dental caries, one of the most widespread diseases today, is an infection caused by the action of bacteria in the oral cavity that gradually spreads to parts of the healthy tooth.

For initial caries, intervention is made with fluoride, while in most cases, mechanical intervention is needed. After removing the caries, the healthy parts of the tooth are filled with a certain material to maintain its vitality and function. Materials for filling teeth vary from classic fillings to ceramic fillings, which are more durable, resistant, and aesthetically the most acceptable type of filling. Also, the use of this type of fillings reduces the possibility of secondary caries.

At MB Dent clinic, we use inlay, onlay, and overlay replacements made from integral ceramics in CAD/CAM technology, perfectly replacing the tooth defect. The main difference between inlay and onlay fillings is in the size of the tooth surface they replace. The inlay builds up on the upper central part of the tooth, and when it is necessary to intervene on the lateral areas of the tooth and in the areas of cusps, we use onlay or overlay dental replacements.


Endodontics is a basic conservative procedure that aims to save the tooth or its root through specific therapy.

Root canal treatment is a fundamental conservative procedure. The endodontic procedure begins by removing the affected dental tissue, removing the inflamed dental pulp, and chemically or mechanically cleaning the dental canal.

Due to the specific and complex structure and shape of the canals inside the tooth root, precise determination of the canal length is necessary for correct intervention. For this purpose, in addition to monitoring the cleaning and filling process of the canal, we use a special electronic instrument for measuring the length of the root canal (apex locator) and digital X-ray images of small dimensions that ensure complete visualization of the root structure of the tooth with minimal radiation. A tooth that has undergone endodontics, if treated correctly, can serve the patient for many years and later, if necessary, can be a support for a bridge or crown. The main purpose of endodontics is to preserve the natural tooth.

Tartar Cleaning and Sandblasting

Tartar implies hard dental deposits on the teeth, most often in the area of the lower front teeth. The formation of tartar is influenced by the consumption of coffee, cigarettes, colored drinks, but also the composition of saliva. It most often occurs in people with poor oral hygiene. If not regularly removed, it can cause inflammation, bleeding, gum recession, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Also, bacteria that accumulate on hard deposits can dissolve enamel, making teeth more susceptible to caries. Therefore, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene, go for regular check-ups, control the formation of tartar, and remove it in time.

After tartar removal, sandblasting is often performed to remove pigmentation and stains from the surface of the teeth that cannot disappear by brushing. Sandblasting uses particles of sodium bicarbonate powder mixed with a jet of water and air.

Pediatric Dentistry

Deals with the prevention and treatment of deciduous teeth. Cooperation with parents is of great importance to instruct them to bring children for timely first check-ups. It’s important for the child to develop a trustworthy and friendly relationship with their dentist.

In pediatric dentistry, we use preventive procedures of fluoridation and sealing of fissures and pits on the teeth.

At MB Dent, we strive to make the first visit to the dentist a positive experience, without nervousness and discomfort. It is advisable to take the child for the first check-up already at the age of one year to start getting used to the dental environment. In any case, the first visit is recommended before dental treatment is needed to avoid negative experiences and create fear of the dentist in the future.


Lifetime warranty on all implants and superstructures against breakage.
Five years warranty on all metal-ceramic and zircon-ceramic crowns.
Five years warranty on all wironit dentures.

The MB dent clinic in Zagreb uses the latest devices and the best materials from renowned world manufacturers in its work, which guarantee the quality of our work.

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